SeriusIDE - X-Platform Modular IDE

Core Features

  • Cross-platform support (via .net core and some open src gui projects the c# team introduced me to in chat)
  • compiler
  • Syntax highlighting
  • intellisense
  • write-time error handling
  • Runtime error logging
  • Regex for search/replace
  • WYSIWYG editors for xaml, html, xml/xsd/xlt/xls, winforms (the web pack would include the web stuff)
  • Tidy support for code
  • Code folding
  • Standard theme available in light, dark, and high-contrast
  • Built in Git/Hg/Svn support out-of-box
  • Tabs AND multiple window instances
  • Multi-screen support
  • Basic layout manager
  • Engine to support adding your own custom languages, syntax highlights, compilers, etc

Built-In Languages and Packs

Built-In Languages - Out-of-Box
  • c#
  • c++
  • python
  • PHP + top 5 MVC/Templating Frameworks
  • Ruby + Ruby-on-rails

Additional functional features

...for down the road after a minimally viable product is available, including possible features such as:
  • Multi compiler/highlighter/intellisense support (think PHP, and other web scripting languages that need to support multiple languages at once like js, css, html, & your server side script lingo of choice)
  • IDE theme builder
  • IDE script/macro/plugin system
  • Support for the config that enforces code rules across different entities and IDEs
  • Ability to add new GUI elements via custom plugins (like WYSIWYG views, code-trees, etc)
  • Support for screen readers on windows and popular linux (no mac to test popular any mac screen readers)
  • A mobile friendly version that can sync with your computer