Website Remodel In Progress! Please excuse the dust...

SeriusSoft is happy to announce that the ENTIRE SITE will be getting a big remodel!

I've got a few ideas that I've been aching to implement. The website sort of fell apart over time while I was busy working and learning new skills. I've got a few new things to do to both bring this site back to it's glory days AND to bring it into the future. Who says you can't look to the past AND the future? ASP.NET and MVC.NET have made MAJOR advances in the past few years and I've been eager to convert this site over to MVC.NET and take advantage of all the great features that come with it! You have to hand it to the dev teams at Microsoft - they really know what they are doing and are seaking to share that with the world! Speaking of sharing, one of the features I'm eager to implement is integration with my Open Source projects on Bitbucket and Github. The ability to make something great and then share it with the world is not lost - yes everybody needs money to put food on the table and shelter over our heads, but that doesn't mean we can't ALSO share some of our work with the world! :-)

The updates should include all of the following (and maybe even more) as time allows:

  • New MVC.NET backend - that means a much easier to update and manage site as a whole and some amazing new features...
  • Better support for mobile devices on the fly (yet another extra benefit of us upgrading to MVC.NET.Latest!
  • We'll also be adding a page which can give you a better idea of what kinds of services we offer such as:
    1. website creation and upgrades
    2. computer software customized to suit YOUR day-to-day needs
    3. mobile apps
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites for your login accounts! This makes it easier to comment on forums and share what you like best!
  • A better Contact-Us page for any and all work/contract requests - this means it will be easier than ever to request work on websites, software, and mobile apps than ever before...
  • A login feature so you can take advantage of a few upcoming features below:
    • A BRAND NEW Forum: for getting help from like-minded individuals, asking questions about current projects, sharing your work with others and so much more!
    • We know you are tired of making a new user for EVERY website you visit: With this, you don't have to create yet another new user account to enjoy the features that are behind a necessary sign-in wall, just give the site permission to talk to your Facebook or other social networking platform. This way, if you are signed in with your social networking site, you don't have to sign in again and again...
    • We can limit the things that require you to signin/login - how many people are tired of having to sign-in just to view a post when you really aren't going to reply?
    • We'll encourage you to login only when you are doing an activity that benefits, such as using the shopping cart, contacting us, replying to a forum or blog post, etc.
    • Get help and documentation for paid products that you use in your own website, software, or mobile app.
    • And much, much more...!
  • A better projects page to find out more about existing AND upcoming projects
  • Integration with Bitbucket and Github to encourage open-source work - both utilizing and sharing open-source work by SeriusSoft AND encouraging you to do so with some of your projects as well.
  • A more dynamic blogging engine so that it's easier for us to update you with new information about things you enjoy as well as a grouping mechanism so you can dive into just the topics you are interested in.
  • A notification registration so you can receive updates even when you aren't near a browser.
  • And more to come...keep checking and we'll do our best to keep you posted!

Until the next update, Happy Coding

Posted by SeriusSoft on May 08, 2017

SqlTools v5.0 Coming Soon!

SeriusSoft is happy to announce that SqlTools will be getting a big remodel!

To get a glimpse of what it will be offering, hop on over to [Products] and check out SqlTools v5.

There will be the same support for MySql and SqlServer as before, but the addition of Access, SqlLite, and a generic ODBC driver will increase the reach of SqlTools. Also, the system will have the addition of a Manager to run all of your drivers (making work oh so much easier) and the continued ability to make your own drivers, as per SqlTools v4.2, will be available.

Now, I don't want to spoil all the fun by sharing all the new upgrades and changes to SqlTools, however I will mention that this new version, which has been long awaited, will require a purchase to use. More details on how that will work will be made available in an update or two. Keep checking back for more mouth watering updates on SqlTools and new and old tools being added to your tool box.

Until the next update, Happy Coding

Posted by SeriusSoft on May 02, 2010

Updates coming to SeriusSoft!

So, its been a while since I've made an update here, and so here's a big one for you... Here at SeriusSoft, we are devoted to bringing you new and helpful tools to increase your productivity in your personal and work endeavors. As it turns out, it has come time to grow a little, and the first step is initiating SeriusSoft LLC to ensure we can bring you the best and keep it coming.

In order to maintain continued development and to take care of the time necessary to maintain code, produce stable software, and offer support, we will be selling some of our products to .NET Developers. Some of the older products will remain on the Free Open Src Section of our site. Others will be upgraded exponentially and some things made new so that we can keep up with the changing .NET technologies.

One such improvement will be the addition of .NET 4.0 wrapper classes and control libraries :)

Be expecting to hear more as we inch our way in that direction. We expect to also accept contract work requests for .NET and ASP.NET projects. This can range from WebSites, WebApps, Desktop Apps, Controls, and Extensions to existing software we've created here.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests, please head over to our [Contacts] Page.

Until the next update, Happy Coding

Posted by SeriusSoft on May 01, 2010

Forums Up and Running

SeriusSoft Forums are up and running! Register and join in on the fun.

To get to the forums, just click on the [Community] link up top.

The forums have a place for all you happy coders out there. It has a place for questions, for showing off your work and even just to let loose after a long day at work, where programming is the last thing on your mind...

Hope to see you all there :)

Posted by SeriusSoft on December 22, 2008

Project Documentation Available

Project Documentation is now up for my major libraries.

To get to the documentation selection page, just click on the [Resources] link up top.

I will eventually put up a permanent link for the downloads of these libraries and other tools I know you are just waiting to use :)

Until then, happy coding

Posted by SeriusSoft on December 19, 2008

SeriusSoft On Its Way

SeriusSoft is on its way guys. Soon you will have access to several easy to use classes and wrappers for your .Net projects as well as some tools for the road. Expect to be seeing code tidbits from time to time as well.

In due time, you will not only have access to tools and libraries, but also an opportunity to ask questions or even answer them.

The site will be up and running in the near future and we hope to be seeing you then.

Until then, happy coding

Posted by SeriusSoft on December 14, 2008